Friday, July 23, 2010

Document Management Services (DMS)

Does piling-up files and accounts sheets gobble your space to live in the office? Then you might be decelerating your work with the bundles of papers lying all across. You may be wondering how to put those chunks all under your control. Trashing will not help because you cannot have them lost from your office shelves. This situation sets you for a service requirement that helps you do away with those sheaves of papers at the same time preserve its contents. The solution is not obscure or unavailable. Technology has developed very much that digitizing and storing your hard copies in to small digital storage places is no more a difficult task.
Document Management Services incorporate digitizing or scanning of paper documents or microfilms and formulation of data retrieval solutions for easy retrieval of scanned data. Digitizing and scanning has the indistinctive feature of converting paper documents into digital images, which helps to expand your brittle office space into wider boardrooms. It is said that a well-ordered and tidy workspace gives the roominess to carry out chores faster and easier. The scanned documents can be stored in digital formats and e-spaces enabling quick retrieval of data whenever and wherever you require it.
The major advantage of digitizing the documents is the preservation of documents, thus providing a long lasting, compact back-up of your paper files. The digitizing of paper documents and other images are generally done with the help of highly sophisticated scanning devices. These scanners can convert paper documents and microfilms into images or PDF files or any other format as required for the business. The scanned images can be edited for enhancing the document. Compared to paper records, digital records are non-degradable. This helps you to preserve the documents for several years.
Storage of the scanned or digitized files includes indexing, keying and archiving. These processes are essential for easy retrieval of the documents. The outputs of scanned files are stored in specific files and are indexed to make document retrieval easier and efficient. Indexing, keying and archiving processes in Document Management Services are done according to user specifications, which help you to access the right document from the bunch of files.
Nowadays, the Document Management Services are employed by large sized to small sized companies to create a paperless work environment. Such a work environment can motivate the employees and enable them to perform at higher levels of efficiency. Improvement of employee performance is essential for the overall growth of the business. Therefore, the Document Management Services helps to leverage the productivity and thus profitability of the company.
When the essential documents in an office are to be preserved and protected, the Document management services are important. The document scanning, digitizing and retrieval services are offered by many firms in India. They offer high quality services at affordable costs. A professional assistance in Document Management Services offers you a high performance scale and thereby growth opportunities. In short, the Document Management Services offer multiple advantages for the companies in the look out for making digital office desks.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

financial accounting services

Financial Accounting is the process of summarizing financial data taken from an organization's accounting records and publishing it in the form of annual reports for the benefit of people outside the organization.
It is concerned with the preparation of financial statements for decision makers, such as stockholders, suppliers, banks, employees, government agencies, owners, and other stakeholders. It is used to prepare accounting information for people outside the organization or not involved in the day to day running of the company. Management accounting provides accounting information to help managers make decisions for managing the business.
Financial accounting serves following purposes:
• producing general purpose financial statements
• provision of information used by management of a business entity for decision making, planning and performance evaluation
• for meeting regulatory requirements
Various financial tools that are used for the purpose of financial accounting include:
• Tax calculators
• Auto calculators
• Mortgage Calculators
• Investment Calculators
• Savings calculators
• Loan calculators
• Personal Finance
• Insurance Calculators
• Retirement Calculators
• Business Calculators
• Debit & Credit cards

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back Office Services

Outsourcing is one of the principal sectors in the present-day international business arena. Today, bulk of developing nations depends on the income generated from outsourcing business to boost-up or keep up their economic status. On the other hand, firms in the developed countries find outsourcing as a new gate for profit-making.
One of the major sectors in outsourcing ground is Back Office Services. It is the outsourcing of specific and unimportant office tasks to offshore firms with the signing of lieu or MoU. Although the momentum of growth was slack in the early days, Back Office Outsourcing Services got the momentum from the newly-emerged management trends such as outsourcing of less important tasks in the organisations.
Back office services can be divided according to the fields of services. Some of the most-outsourced back office services include financial and accounting services, bookkeeping services, customer care and support, call centre, human resources, pay-roll, purchase bills, transcription, etc. The fields of services covered in Back Office Operations are expanding because of the increasing responsibilities of the organisations and equally demanding back office support.
Back Office service outsourcing has quite a few advantages. These advantages make it relevant in the outsourcing business sector.
• Cost Effectiveness
• Time Effectiveness
• Innovation in Processing
• Automation
Cost advantage
Outsourcing of back office operations helps in reducing the working cost of organisations. Offshore outsourcing helps to achieve high competence at reasonable and cost effective prices. The less cost of operations is because of the low-cost manpower and highly efficient services offered by the outsourcing companies. For example, US companies outsource their back office operations to India, because of the availability of large number manpower and lesser labour costs in India.
Time advantage
When a third party firm executes some chores for a Company, then the executives in the company, which is receiving the service, can save more time for their core business activities. For any company, core business activities are important than non-essential business tasks. The outsourcing of less important activities helps the executives to separate more time for their core business activities.
Innovation in Processing
Innovation is the key for improving the business processing methods. The offshore outsourcing companies have creative talent pools, which help them device smart and time saving methods for back office operations. These innovative methods speed up the operations and make operating processes simpler.
Automation is the process of automating certain operating methods with the help of software tools. The technical expertise of outsourcing companies enables them to develop software tools for the complete automation of certain processes. Automation helps to reduce the manpower and hence reduce the labour costs.
Back office processing services are necessary for any business establishment. These services are obtainable at cheaper costs and superior delivery from offshore concerns. Increasing services is the reason for more companies entering into outsourcing business. Each personnel in these firms are well-trained to provide high quality services. The growing popularity for India BPO services is a good example for their expertise and high-flying service efficiency. Indeed, outsourcing of back office operations is profitable for all companies in the look out for higher net profit.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Tracing back the missing links and lineages in the family can be too tedious and will acquire eons to map out at least two links. This is where genealogy services provided by various on-site or off-site companies serve its purpose and advantage to organizations or any other individual client.
Genealogy services call for robust infrastructure, in-depth knowledge and experience in researching and analyzing various old records and data. The genealogists draw on various old records like family records, census records, financial records, wills, war records, BMD (Birth Marriage Death) records, Parish records, electoral records, etc. Historical, social, and family backdrop is crucial in achieving accurate identification of individuals and relationships.
Some of the basic genealogical services include scanning, indexing and transcription, and data updation process. Companies scan and digitize data from microfilms, microfiche, aperture cards, paper/old books using OCR and other techniques to maintain the legibility of the information throughout the process.
Historical data indexing provides easy access to any information required at any time. Indexing of the genealogy data or record can allow any member of a family to map out the long lost member of the same or related family. The transcription process can reproduce any hard to read document into decipherable document. Some companies also provide the option to update or add any new family link or information to the existing genealogy record.
Based on the family documents and stories collected, the genealogists set forth for further research which includes the examining and evaluating the records to pin down the verification about the ancestors and other family links. Various researches conducted include ancestry research, relationship charts, pedigree charts or biography charts.
Most of the organizations or clients resort on outsourcing their genealogy tasks to other companies to cut their overhead and save time to execute their other core jobs. While some conduct the genealogy research to be informed of the religious belief systems, others have it done out of the desire or curiosity to know the medical and family history of the adopted individual or to be updated on the families who survived poverty, slavery or other natural calamities.
However, the information that the historical data or any other genealogy data houses can be unreliable at times. The unpredictability of the information depends on the mental state or knowledge or any other aspects of the informant or writer. Hence it is imperative for the genealogist to meticulously scrutinize the source of information with eagle-eye attention.
Genealogy software like GRAMPS (Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System) can store the basic information of an individual like first name, family name, place name, occupation, dates of birth, marriage and death, residence, etc. Most programs facilitate the importing and exporting of these data in GEDCOM (Genealogical Data Communication) format. This allows the data to be accessed or opened in any other genealogy software.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Computer Aided Drafting Services

Cad drafting is a fabulous services that can be applicable in different industrial sector which helps to digitally visualize once view. This service has influenced each and every small sector such that even a small bottle is designed by using this technique.

Designing has influenced humans a lot such that when we go for shopping we choose every small thing by its design. Also in case of constructing house, buildings etc we choose for the outstanding design. So we can say that possibilities of CAD drafting are boundless.

CAD drafting services has achieved this position by continuous effort made by designers and developers. Cad drafting was initially applicable only in aerospace and automotive industry. First software used in CAD was sketchpad which was a breaking point in CAD drawings. After sketchpad many powerful tool was developed in market to support the designing process.

CAD drafting service is a constructive solution, it allows an organization to create or alter a business solution as per its own distinctive requirements. High performance of CAD drafting can increase productivity and thus can satisfy new demands by applying its modern technology.CAD is a more creative field one needs to have a good amount of concentration and knowledge to accept the changing business trends and technology.

Outsourcing cad drawings to India is now rising to new technological advances. India with its great skilled man power and technical knowledge can accurately sketch ones dream to reality. Outsourcing can increase productivity and flexibility of an organization. Some of the outsourcing benefits are:

  • Sensible and flexible drawing
  • Reliable output with minimum turnaround time
  • Helps your design more attractive, simple and sharable
  • Quick and secure output

So the future of Cad drafting industry will become more gigantic than its present status. Importance of CAD in future is that ability to store manufacturing capability through detailed plan and can become more functional.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Types of Website advertisement

There are different types of website advertising methods depending upon how the advertissing is done.
  • Contextual Pay-Per-Click:- Advertising servers scan web pages, "read" the content and decides what type of ads match the subjects or topic of the website.
  • Video Advertising :- These is a highly applicable means of advertising.
  • Banner Advertising :- Banners are usually used to highlight a product.Banners of different shapes and size are placed on different spots on a web page
  • Text Advertising :- Here text contents are used for advertisement.For example a website selling earrings can placed their ad on a jewelery website
  • SEO :- SEO is an online advertising service in which website content is optimized according to the target audience,competitors and keyword for your website.
  • Pop-Ups and Pop-Unders :- Your ad will pop up in a small window either above the page or under the page.
  • Ezine or Newsletter advertising :- Giving some info about you in any news letter/ezine can increase the traffic to our website.
  • Display advertisement :- These are ads generated by using graphics in different shapes and sizes
  • Run of Site Advertising :- This type of ad can help you to place your ad on every pages of a website
  • Bridge advertisement :- Here users will be forced to open these ads without any compulsion(as they move to another page)
  • Online Directories :- These type of ad will display your region, actual location and company details.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Diwali and SBL

Diwali festival has arrived with new hopes slowly germinating from the debris of last year’s shock of economic recession that has shaken the world with its raging flames.

Though the fiery hands has mildly stretched and touched SBL, we have managed to rise up imbibing the spirit of the phoenix because the foundations of SBL are built not with stones, but with untiring endeavours of its people, the SBL fraternity. We, at SBL, nourish the moral fiber in all our staff that is stronger than strength itself.

SBL has a strong foothold in the IT enabled outsourcing industry with its services ranging from GIS, Graphics, Software and BPO. With leading edge technology and innovative solutions, we deliver results that exceed the expectations of our clients round the globe.

SBL BPO, our BPO division, with its offshore services provides its clientele with an untiring support of dedicated business personnel, sound infrastructure, and innovative technology. KPO, Data processing, Transcription, LPO, Engineering, Document management services ,Document scanning, Back Office services, Video and Audio Tagging Services being our main services, SBL also caters to other outsourcing services like, Web Designing, Insurance outsourcing, Accounting services and Real Estate outsourcing.

The recent financial chaos could slow down some of the outsourcing efforts in the short-term and might even continue to make a negative impact on some providers. But in the long run, outsourcing industry will climb uphill as clients round the globe strive to reduce operating costs, avoid unnecessary investments for new technologies and facilities, concentrate on more strategic and core business activities, and leverage their increasing supply of efficient global resources.

SBL and its outsourcing services has now become recession-proof and our outsourcing services help our clientele to improve performance in up markets, to reduce costs in down markets and to remain competitive.

Though businesses still go through challenges with their outsourcing endeavours, in general, the results have met or exceeded expectations which has facilitated outsourcing to become an obvious business tool regardless of the economic and market conditions.

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