Monday, February 1, 2010

Types of Website advertisement

There are different types of website advertising methods depending upon how the advertissing is done.
  • Contextual Pay-Per-Click:- Advertising servers scan web pages, "read" the content and decides what type of ads match the subjects or topic of the website.
  • Video Advertising :- These is a highly applicable means of advertising.
  • Banner Advertising :- Banners are usually used to highlight a product.Banners of different shapes and size are placed on different spots on a web page
  • Text Advertising :- Here text contents are used for advertisement.For example a website selling earrings can placed their ad on a jewelery website
  • SEO :- SEO is an online advertising service in which website content is optimized according to the target audience,competitors and keyword for your website.
  • Pop-Ups and Pop-Unders :- Your ad will pop up in a small window either above the page or under the page.
  • Ezine or Newsletter advertising :- Giving some info about you in any news letter/ezine can increase the traffic to our website.
  • Display advertisement :- These are ads generated by using graphics in different shapes and sizes
  • Run of Site Advertising :- This type of ad can help you to place your ad on every pages of a website
  • Bridge advertisement :- Here users will be forced to open these ads without any compulsion(as they move to another page)
  • Online Directories :- These type of ad will display your region, actual location and company details.


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