Friday, October 16, 2009

Diwali and SBL

Diwali festival has arrived with new hopes slowly germinating from the debris of last year’s shock of economic recession that has shaken the world with its raging flames.

Though the fiery hands has mildly stretched and touched SBL, we have managed to rise up imbibing the spirit of the phoenix because the foundations of SBL are built not with stones, but with untiring endeavours of its people, the SBL fraternity. We, at SBL, nourish the moral fiber in all our staff that is stronger than strength itself.

SBL has a strong foothold in the IT enabled outsourcing industry with its services ranging from GIS, Graphics, Software and BPO. With leading edge technology and innovative solutions, we deliver results that exceed the expectations of our clients round the globe.

SBL BPO, our BPO division, with its offshore services provides its clientele with an untiring support of dedicated business personnel, sound infrastructure, and innovative technology. KPO, Data processing, Transcription, LPO, Engineering, Document management services ,Document scanning, Back Office services, Video and Audio Tagging Services being our main services, SBL also caters to other outsourcing services like, Web Designing, Insurance outsourcing, Accounting services and Real Estate outsourcing.

The recent financial chaos could slow down some of the outsourcing efforts in the short-term and might even continue to make a negative impact on some providers. But in the long run, outsourcing industry will climb uphill as clients round the globe strive to reduce operating costs, avoid unnecessary investments for new technologies and facilities, concentrate on more strategic and core business activities, and leverage their increasing supply of efficient global resources.

SBL and its outsourcing services has now become recession-proof and our outsourcing services help our clientele to improve performance in up markets, to reduce costs in down markets and to remain competitive.

Though businesses still go through challenges with their outsourcing endeavours, in general, the results have met or exceeded expectations which has facilitated outsourcing to become an obvious business tool regardless of the economic and market conditions.

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